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The Hitman's Retro Blast

The Hitman - Retro Blast Radio Show

The Hitman is back with the coolest music of the 80's. Music that gave the 80's its own sound that brings back all of the memories of the movies, the TV shows, the clothes, the hair and everything else that made the decade more fun than you could ever hope for. The coolest part of the 80's comes alive on "The Hitman's Retro Blast!"

Thursdays: 3pm to 4:45pm (GMT)

Have been loving radio since I jumped in with both feet at my college radio station, WCCB, Clarion's Hot Rock. It no longer exists, but there are still CCB'rs working at radio stations across the entire country. Was lucky enough to learn from Charlie Quinn and Jay Beau Jones at WHTT in Boston, working for them in programming.

From there, it was off to WINK 104 in Harrisburg, PA for 10 great and fun years. It was weekends, then overnights, then nights and then 8 years as Music Director/Midday DJ. Got to play the greatest music out there and was lucky enough to see and meet many of my favorite bands and artists, ever.

For the next 15 years (or so), I had a blast working with Jed Donahue as co-host/producer, rambling on about one of my other loves in life: Sports, w/plenty TV and Movie Stuff mixed in. There were a couple of detours along the way. I worked on some independent films in Hollywood in the middle of the last decade. Managed to get some crew credits on IMDB.

Woo Hoo! I also had a fun couple of years working for the New York Islanders at Nassau Coliseum. When the Isles announced their move to Brooklyn, I planned my trip back to Hollywood, but this time the plan was to get the Retro Blast off the ground and on a radio station near year you.

Three Marconi Awards during my 10 years at WINK 104 in Harrisburg, PA Music Director and Midday DJ. Twice for top CHR radio station in the country and once for top radio station in the US.

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Chuck Taylor first moved to Austin Texas, in 1999 where he fell in love twice, once with the woman who would become his wife and once with Texas Music.

Chuck is recognized for his interviews with the biggest names in Texas music.

“One of my most favorites was when I was working down in Corpus Christi at KOUL and I had Cory Morrow coming by for an interview, but Cory didn’t come alone, he brought Hayes Carll, Walt Wilkins, and Ray Wylie Hubbard. The talent that I sat with that day was incredible, I was in total awe and I can tell you that it was a moment of pure magic,” says Chuck.

Chuck's most recent on air work is Program Director and host of the All Star Morning Show on KHYI 95-3 FM, Dallas, Texas.

Saturdays: 8pm to 10:45pm (GMT)

Taylor picked up 'Best Promotion of the Year' while working for KBYB-FM in El Dorado, Arkansas. He was nominated in 2008 for 'DJ of the Year' by the Gruene With Envy Awards.

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He also hosted a nightly 4 hour show titled "Gonzo Gates After Dark" which provided listeners with a variety of informative segments like believe it or not, today in history, and the ultimate trivia challenge.

2015 New York State Broadcasters Award Winner

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Clive has also voiced many radio commercials and promo's but more recently he now produces and presents his two hour weekly classic jazz funk and soul show from the 70s and 80s.

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Request: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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